Monday, May 23, 2011

ALB Dream, Opium ...

Кожа / Skin - LAQ Elena 4 fair
Волосы / Hair - Tukinowaguma Ariana Copper
Бикини / ALB Gift Bag May 2011 La Dance Bikini Test by AnaLee Balut
Глаза / Expressive Eyes / Steel / Big - [The Golden Fleece]

Аутфит /Opium Black Dragon Female outfit NEW

Аутфиты / Opium Dragons Female black, red and white NEW Thanks, Leinad !
Some information - The Opium Dragon Outfits were designed specially for DCS, CCS and every combat system to reduce lag. Wearing the masked one and all the prims with no scripts the rendering cost of the avatar will be 544, so adding weapons wont make you laggy and will give you some advantage.

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