Friday, June 24, 2011

!STC and ...

Кожа / *MS* Amalia Midtone Skin Purple NEW
Волосы / A&A Cherylin Hair Sandblonde - Voting present
Глаза / mythic ~ fae elemental eyes - coming soon
Шляпка / [ ANCAYI ] Black Butler Hat - hunt gift

Платья / !STC Britney Denim Dress all colors

Кожа / *MS* Amalia Midtone Skin Breast Join + Smoth Feckles NEW 
Волосы / A&A Elord Hair Darkbrown - promo offer for short time (till the 12th of July)- free at marketplace
Обувь / !SSUS! Sub Group Giftie Multi Denim Chain Heels 
Топ и юбка / !STC Verity Broomstick Skirt Turquoise Brown top

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