Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JesyLilo, Alessandra and Finesmith

Аутфит брюки и топ / Here I am showing Combo Outfit "Roxy" from   ALESSANDRA -skins and fashion store . This outfit include HQ leather pants with realistic detailed textures, fishnet top and black bikini top .   6 colors of this outfit available - black, brown, burgundy, dark brown and olive .
Волосы / Hair is a great gift from [COLORS] to hair fair 2011 - there are 12 colors in the gift box
Украшения /  Finesmith Noga PIECES (each gem set includes necklace, earrings and ring)- 5 gem variations (diamond, peridot, citrin, ruby and sapphire - each was 55l thursdays at july 7

Кожа / *JeSyLiLO* created new skin - Bunny, I show here 2 tomes - pale and tan , each has matte and shine option and 4 tattoo layers -  Blond Eyebrows, Bunny face, Bunny face + Blond eyebrows and Red Eyebrows .

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