Friday, June 8, 2012

JesyLilo, CO2S, BeautyCode, Kabuki and ...

New release by JeSyLiLO  - ( Summer Time ) Full  Avatar ( Mesh clothes and accessories) includes : skin , shape (not worn), eyes, clothes, 5 eyebrows, 7 lipsticks and teeth
Shape - `DA~ Guenevra - marletplace

And here are NEW releases from Kabuki Creations 
on the picture above there is  Juggling Gesture - avatar animated and bottles are rotated, each independently. Looks incredible. Two gestures used to turn the juggling on and off.

Kabuki - SweetBath 3  - lovely non-static smooth animations. Poses -balss are not linked to the bath, so you can use them with your own furniture.
Kabuki - Sweet Kiss1, smooth, non-static animations

Here I am wearing new mesh yummies and new skin :

Faces Studios -  Anna . eyes
je suis eyelashes
Hair - [BURLEY]_Izzy_Blonde02 - rigged mesh
BeautyCode Skin Stacy Pale - Barbie Girl (J)
`DA~ Guenevra shape
CO2S Navy Stripes Sweater - rigged mesh
[essencial] Baggy Pants Womans words  - rigged mesh - Color Blocking Fair item

[essencial] Baggy Pants - Color Blocking Fair items

CO2S rigged mesh sweaters - new release

BeautyCode Skin Stacy Pale - NEW

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