Friday, June 15, 2012

JesyLilo, coldLogic, Pomme D Amour, NOTsoBAd and SLC

JeSyLiLO Candy Eyes Green
Skin - JeSyLiLO OlegDouPierrot GoStTon*J5 ( teeth )
JeSyLiLO Shape OlegDouPierrot - eyes, shape and skins - at Sale, starts today and will be over after 2 days - here->
Each skins comes with different eyes
Hair - Pomme D Amour/ Birds & Bees/Atomic Pink NEW
coldLogic dress - hathaway.dusk NEW - rigged mesh
Duh! Silk Floral Booties Rose
Picture is taken at NOTsoBad sim

coldLogic dresses - hathaway - quantum pack NEW - rigged mesh
New rigged mesh knee high boots by Serina Lacava Couture - rigged mesh
5 leather and 5 latex textures

I visited NOTsoBad sim, and explored it with great pleasure. The sim is great, it is beautifull and perfect for taking pictures and the products in the different department are beautiful as well, very detailed and made professionaly.
The picture above shows CARA Breakfast Set, which can be purchased transferable or copiable, depends on your needs.  Mesh , land impact -22 prims.
See it here -

Complete set Raja
Sofa - 24 prims, 9 single poses, transferable
Table - 7 prims
See it here -

Couple Lounge Chair Sefana, 13 prims, 14 poses, 7 couple cuddle poses
See it here -

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