Monday, August 13, 2012

Lisp, Vogue, Likka House ...

LISP -Dolly Laundry Rooms - new items for Collabor88
The room comes with rezzer that allows easy placement. Each set is 23 prims, plus you will need approximately 6 prims more for rezzing props. Doors of machines can open/close. Built-in animations - wash hands, handwash clothes, load/unload laundry, wait, load. Also spinning and soak animations of washing.

Redgrave -Eyes Bella -Lamb
Redgrave -Eyelashes -16- Gentle
Skin -Shine - Rose Vintage/UltraPale
`DA~ Bella shape for Redgrave skin 2 -marketplace
Koketka -Teeth tatoo v3- store is having closing
sale, everything is 40 $L - here
Hair -Lo*momo GroupGift(Apr, 2012)- here
Addiction Elegance Chandelier Earrings NEW- here
VoguE Krista Gown ~ Onyx-August2012group gift, free join
Hucci- Nia Pumps - Corner Red - subscribe group
gift(there 2 colors included in the gift - corner
red and coral) - here

Coyott -Eyes - amber- old freebie
Redgrave -Eyelashes -16- Gentle
Alli&Ali Chloe Hair Dark Honey
Skin -Belleza -Melissa Fair group gift
`DA~ Guenevra shape 190 cm - marketplace
Outfit -Likka House -Alrescha baby - Subscribe Group Gift - here
Picture is taken here :

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