Sunday, September 9, 2012

ColdLogic, Alli&Ali, Deco and ...

JeSyLiLO BarEyes Blue
Redgrave -Eyelashes -16- Gentle
Skin -essences -Cynthia 03 - new Gatcha item, 150 $L
Alli&Ali Riha Hair Shiny Brown - Free Promo at marketplace, limited time only
coldLogic dress - anthony.onyx
N-core Stocking "Brown Seam"
DECO - Mesh Petunia Boots small -licorice

Skin -essences -Cynthia 04-Gatcha item, 150 $L
Alli&Ali Miley Hair 3 NEW
Elemental Earth Design -Liquit Logic Cabochon Earrings
coldLogic combo - - there 2 versions included - cardigan with dress as one clothing item, and dress only (details on the next picture) NEW
DECO - Soviet Sleeper Glasses Onyx
HOC - Noir Boots

Skins -essences -Cynthia - all new Gatcha skins

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