Sunday, October 28, 2012

La Galleria Halloween bazaar with free gifts and new release - great mesh kitchen

Hiya, ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is soon and La Galleria Halloween Bazaar is still open with many lovely free gifts for all. To get them you need to have payment information in your profile, otherwise you won't be able to teleport to this sim.

You get what you see: Mesh Halloween Village Quilt, Halloween Flag, La Galleria Pumpkin Punch, Melted Witch, Cauldron, Spider Webs, Lighted Halloween Pumpkin String with Bows, La Galleria Ghost, Halloween Magic Crystal Ball, Halloween Candelabra, Tarnished Silver Vertical Picture Frame- Desktop, Halloween Haunted Mansion Scarf Table and much morrrre :D

And let me introduce a fabulous new mesh kitchen - La Galleria Dinner Party Tuscan Kitchen (can be seen here ) . I couldn't ignore this release . This kitchen is so lovely, just breathtaking. All details, textures, rezzable cooking preparation sets are adorable. The kitchen has new features - guests can attach utensils without taking them into inventory. Many items rez from counters and shelves, no need to place them from your inventory.
The food preparation island  includes chopping and stirring animations, rezzes for cooking : fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans; enchiladas, guacamole, salsa; salad; sauce for lasagna; assembling the lasagna; chocolate chip cookies.
Additional meals for cooking can be purchased separately .
The oven has build in cooking animations and also many meals, that are rezzable via menu. Refrigerator gives food too. The bar rezzes different great looking food. These are not all features, there are much more of course :)
On the next picture you can see some details :

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