Thursday, November 15, 2012

JesyLilo, ArisAris, SLave and ...

JeSyLiLO -CaTEyes -Blue New
MG - Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B
JeSyLiLO -Mya -LightSkin J1 New
`DA~ Orly shape - marketplace
Love Soul Prim nails Sexy Animal Red
Hair -Truth -Cyanne - almond New - rigged mesh, scarf changes textures via HUD New
SLave - Terry DreSs
ArisAris Igs14 Multitexture Goombots (with texture change HUD)  New

Truth -Cyanne hair texture change scarf HUD

ArisAris Igs14 Multitexture Goombots HUD

JeSyLiLO -Mya -LightSkin - 3 make-ups

JeSyLiLO -CaTEyes - all New

JeSyLiLO -Broken Eyes - all New

JeSyLiLO -Mya -LightSkin J3
JeSyLiLO -BrokenEyes -Grey
JeSyLiLO -Lips -OnlyWithMyaSkin Berry
JeSyLiLO -Add on -eyeliner black no1
ChiChickie! Iris -Gift Color - Mahogany- subscribe group gift
ArisAris Winyan outfit (sweater, duffle coat and jeans) New
COCO -Zipper Booties

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