Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mother Goose's, ArisAris, Tameless and ...

1. Skin -Mother Goose's -sasha-II -1L
   MADesigns eyes Promise ~ green 5-old hunt gift
   MG - Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick - B
   `DA~ Rose shape - marketplace
   Hair -CIC -Arianna - Acorn
   Outfit - ArisAris Myself1 New
   Mother Goose's -Knee socks 01(BL)- group gift
   INDI - Olivieri Sneakers blue/gold/red
2. and 3.
   Outfits ArisAris Myself 2 and 3
   Skin - Mother Goose's Ai-II -1L
   Hair tram  B921 hair / beige

Mother Goose's -Knee socks - group gift

essences -Maria skin -Soleil dark- Makeup 06
Pulse-Avanti Eyes/Marcello
Wasabi Pills -Anais Mesh Hair - Black coffee
Tameless Psycho Snowman outfit - 99 L$ Promo at marketplace

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