Saturday, December 29, 2012

Redgrave, Burley, ArisAris and ...

Tuty's -blue eyes
je suis Apparence Lashes No.004
`DA~ Christina shape - soon
Redgrave -07b Pale Skin -Summer-grey
Slink Mesh Hands Relax
Hair -Burley -Vanessa DBrown02
ArisAris Igs18 Nayely Brown set - hoodie and skirt New
DECO - Mesh Distressed Heels licorice -FLF 50L$

Meshworx -Loztech Laptop With 5 Animations (Copy Only) 1prim, 5 poses, 50L$ FLF

Hair -Tameless Lois - Naturals New
Redgrave -12   Pale Skin -Summer -cherry
ArisAris Igs27 Mad Stripes dress

Location - - Artilleri mainstore

Hair -Tameless Lois - Fantasy New
Redgrave -12   Pale Skin -Summer -cherry
ArisAris Rig98 Black Suede Outfit

Location -

Skins -Redgrave - Summer, pale tone, all make-ups
ANd here are the ornament I've bought for my CHristmas tree, they look so sweet :)
Artilleri Christmas tree baubles - 100 L, 45 different ornaments, each 1 prim only - here

And this is my mesh book case, I made it in Hexagon 3D modeling software. It is 1 prim land impact  - 30 L$ on marketplace

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