Thursday, December 6, 2012

Xmas RFL Expo and ...

`DA~Laluna - not released yet
Diamond Style -Skin Samatha, exclusive for Xmas-RFL Expo, starts tomorrow
Diamond Style - Alexis outfit (rigged mesh suit, non-mesh fur attachments), exclusive for Xmas-RFL Expo
LoQ Hairs Tiramisu - Jet Black - old subscribe group gift
je suis Apparence Lashes No.004
Love Soul Prim nails Sexy Animal Red
COCO -ZipperBooties

Here are Xmas gifties from La Galleria, all free, beautiful textures, nice details, very worth to get :)
Here -

Here is a new release from Kabuki Creations -Stay Forever Couple Hammock.
There 30 smooth high quality cuddle and kisses animations, icluding 3 couple sleeping animations, single and friends menu, no poseballs, swing on/off; texture changer fro hammock, base and towel. Comes in 2 versions - with and without palm trees and animated shadow.

These are Katy's Kreations Sculpties products for RFL Expo that starts tomorrow - Snugly Armchair and  Ruby Fireplace

And those are item for Xmas RFL Expo from Creations Kitchen - Cuddle Penguin, Awareness Cupcakes (serves cupcakes) and didfferent colors goodies bags (serve apples, sport drinks and granola bars).

More info on Expo :

The 2012 Christmas Expo
December 6th-19th, 2012


"...Marking its 2nd year in SL, The 2012 Christmas Expo is coming to town!  In support of Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society, the Christmas Expo will open on December 6th, 2012 at 7am slt and will close on December 19th at 10pm slt.

A Christmas wonderland, spanning four SL regions, will set the scene for guests and shoppers, vendors and entertainers.  SL residents will be able to find Christmas gifts, find free 'Naughty or Nice' giveaway gifts being given out by every vendor, or visit Santa and have pictures taken.

Residents can attend one of the many events:

The Avi Choice Awards - The Avi Choice Awards ~ the annual awards presentation recognizing the people and talent behind SL’s amazing creations, completely chosen and voted on by SL residents.

Race for the Bells!  An ALL NEW Xmas Expo Contest!!
Starting at the Xmas Expo, racers must find hidden Silver Bells in 25 locations across the grid!
This is a TIMED RACE. Once the 100L entry fee has been paid, the
time has started! A leaderboard at the Xmas Expo Sim will display the names of those with the fastest times.  The race will run throughout the ENTIRE TWO WEEKS of the Expo, with 10,000L on the line for first place!

Breedables One-Of-A-Kind Auction - One of a kind breedables, generously donated by participating breedable companies, will be auctioned off by The Breeders' Borough's own Cortez Brandriss on December 15th!

Auction/Raffle - Many amazing items will be available for auction and raffle from some of SL's best creators. 100% of the proceeds from the Expo's auctions and raffles will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Shopping - In addition to enjoying the many events, activities and features of the Christmas Expo, visitors can get a head start on their Christmas shopping at the more than 70 shops.

Live Music/DJ - Entertainment will feature many of SL's top performers, singers, djs, and hosts throughtout the Expo. See the 'entertainment schedule' part of the website for dates and times.

Christmas Expo 2012's design is generously provided by Harlequin Fhang. Harley's talent, long appreciated by and featured prominently at the Breeders' Borough, has also earned her resounding praise for the unique, spooky build at the 2012 Fright Night Expo.  We are grateful now as she brings that original, creative style to Christmas Expo. Harley's holiday builds will provide phenomenal photo ops for those memory-making photos!"

Slurls :

Xmas Expo 1:
Xmas Expo 2:
Xmas Expo 3:
Xmas Expo 4:

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