Sunday, January 6, 2013

JesyLilo, SLC and ...

JeSyLiLO CupCake LightSkin J4 New
JeSyLiLO PearlEyes Brown New
`DA~ Jana shape - marketplace
Hair - Calico Ingman -Brenna - Bleached Dark Chocolate
Finesmith Clutch Bag- SEQUINS Blue
SLC Group Gift January 2013 dress
Vinyl Cafe Black Fur Bolero 02- old gift
Blacklace -White Sheer and Laced Stockings- old gift
JeSyLiLO Flat Ankle Boots Black

Location -

JeSyLiLO CupCake LightSkin J5 BT Teeth
JeSyLiLO PearlEyes Blue
Wasabi Pills -Anais Mesh Hair - Black coffee
SLC VIP Group Gift Januar 2013 Mesh Tunic Blouse with jeans
JeSyLiLO ClassicUgg Boot Taupe

JeSyLiLO PearlEyes Blue
JeSyLiLO CupCake LightSkin J6 BT Teeth
Amacci Hair Embla ~ Brown Auburn - new subscribe group gift
coldLogic coat - palmieri.cocoa
coldLogic skirt - welchel.winent
sen 2 -WarmTights WineRedHeart - old gift
Milk Motion -My wool bag
JeSyLiLO -Suede Ankle Boots Brown

Location -
And some more photos of this beautiful sim :

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