Sunday, June 2, 2013

Armony, Tatty Soup, La Galleria ...

All images are  clickable (larger versions)
Armony -Igs68 Carnation gown (includes shoes)-Summer Fashion Festival Exclusives (ArisAris Sim is organizing our second event. We called it "Summer Fashion Festival" and our intention is to showcase a sample of the nice products from different designers all around the grid. The date for the event is from May 30th to June 16th )
MG - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - B
Hair -Elikatira -Details - Black 04
Skin -la petite morte -wixson t1 m2 -the store is re-opened, come to see new place and updated skins ! - plus Tang and Lush breasts appliers and more
Poetic Colors gift - Rain Tree - small dark

This screen is a new Tatty Soup's group gift , comes in two versions - folded and straight (check noticies)

This Etruscan Pottery Pitcher is a gift from La Galleria , it is available for limited times, so hurry. The pitcher is located inside the new gorgeous house , called San Marino.  It is the dream house ! I love it passionately and took some pictures of it , so you can enjoy too (further).

And this is the latest La Galleria's release  -Antique Brass Sconce w Double Shade. It is mesh, 1 prim land impact only ! and has working lights. You can find it also inside the San Marino House here :

House features :
-100%  Copy Mod* Mesh
 -Includes two sizes so you can better fit it to your avi:  24 x 30 or 26 x 32.
 -Includes two versions - one with marble balconies, and one with lower prim wrought iron balconies.
- Depending on size and version, LI/Prims vary from 330 to 397. You can also stretch larger, but the prim count/ LI will increase.
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, room for a kitchen, conservatory/breakfast room/study, dining room, living room.
-Large and small courtyards rez from menu (touch front door frame).
- Menu driven Privacy curtains viewable from outside
-Includes: Light fixtures, fans, curtains, plants, fireplace,  and more
- All Furniture Sold Separately.
-20% discount on kitchen, bar, and/or bath purchased w/ house (or before or after house)
Includes :
Large Courtyard with plants and fountain 49
Patio 3
Pool (5)
Fireplace  (3)
Marble Acanthus Planters (2)
Ceiling Fan (5)
Curtains for larger windows   2
Bouganvillea for side walls of house (1 prim ea)
mesh flowering vine and bushes, linked  
Garden Bench (4 prims)
Carriage Lamps for stone wall (2 prims ea)
Hanging Ivy (3 prims)
Security panel (1)
Welcome Mat (1)
Potted plants
Juniper tree - depends on size
sculpted butterfly - flaps wings (4)
singing bird  3

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