Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kokoia, ArisAris, ND/MD, The Under The Sea Expo ...

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Mother Goose's - Hazel -dollarbie skin
Mayfly mesh eyes
MG -eyelashes-mesh
SLink rigged mesh hands
Kokoia -Kioto -shoes -new release, rigged mesh, comes with very nice HUD that allows you to recolor parts. Unrigged, resizable version of heels also included. The shoe comes in 4 styles - with/without strap, and with/without that thin heel. very useful.
ArisAris -White Daisy bikini -Summer Fashion Festival item
Hair - A.I.Line july gifts -last year gift, but it is still available in the store

ND/MD Malkia - white Lioness Avatar - the item contains shape, skin, eyes, ears, 2 tails (scripted and not scripted), bangles (not shown), 2 whiskers - white and brown, bra top, long skirt and head wrap. There are other lioness avatars also available in the store - young teen lioness and black lioness.

Tomorrow starts The Under The Sea Expo ! From 20-26 June (slurls will be known later), shopping in the magical city, with fabulous goods from great SL designers. Sponsored by Oceania Breedables. Official Expo site -
Expo participants:
Amaretto Ranch Breedables
Bands of Cypher
Beautiful Freak
Cerridwen's Cauldron
The Cetelogical Museum
Curio Obscura
Evie's Closet
Fantasy Flora
Fior di Perle Skins and Clothes
House of Rain
Mer-chandise Cove
The Muses
Oceania Breedables
Two Moon Paradise
Zohee's Mermaid Designs

All Expo participants prepared prizes for TheUnder The Sea Expo Mermaid Pearls Hunt. Hunters may not skip ahead to find their prizes,  one prize per avatar.

Alina's little sister Mishell thinks she's been spending too much time in the Mermaid Palace and not enough time swimming in the sea where they live. To lure her out of  the palace, she's taken Alina's favorite pearl necklace and hidden the pearls in some of her favorite underwater spots! Alina is busy preparing for a dance and she needs that necklace. Will you help her get it back?

A beautiful mermaid flicks her tail in exasperation as she reads over a piece of paper.

"What was Mishell thinking? I need that necklace for the dance! But I don't have time to play these games. I have to get ready!"

Spotting you out of the corner of her eye, she waves you over. "I need this necklace for the dance tonight. Please help me get it back."

Before you can respond, she is already back to combing her hair. You look down at the piece of paper..."

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