Saturday, July 13, 2013

Adam n Eve, Lazuri, SLC and ...

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TuTy's Adorable Updo Hairstyle
Mandala -Simple ears hutuu
SLC Mesh Lace Ruffled Dress black
Skifija Extreme Platform with rigged tip toe bare feet
Slink Mesh Hands
Adam n Eve Skins - Marnie T2 Scarlet,  new release. The tone pack includes 6 skins, 4 hairbases, freckles, bare eyelid tattoo, 2 cleavage options, dimples tattoo and 2 eyebrow tattoos.
Adam n Eve Cleavage Enhancer T2
la petite morte -doll eyes blue -soon at Genre event, starts July 15
Lazuri Eda Complete Set -Bracelets,  2 rings (small and big), earrings and necklace. The set is scripted to be completely customizable. The menu allows to retexture all parts -metal (9 colors), gems -11, drop pendant -11, Style -3 options to make 4 styles -Full  - this option changes necklace and all pieces to full version
DropSmall - Changes Pendant Style to Drop only
ChokerSmall - Changes Width of the Choker Necklace (makes it small)

Skins -Adam n Eve -Marnie T2

Lazuri Eda Complete Set

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