Monday, July 1, 2013

ColdLogic, Essences, Spargel & Shine, Boom and ...

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Boom -Venture Flats carnation -add-on for SLink mesh feet -Fameshed
coldLogic shorts - jordan.blush, new release
coldLogic top - paul.blush, new release
MG - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium
Slink Mesh Feet Flat
Slink Mesh Hands
Auxiliary -Sun Ray -Earrings Sterling-VIP group gift (fee to join), new
Hair -Burley GaEun LBlonde01
Skin -Essences Aries 02 light rose blonde eyebrows -Zodiac item (March)
Ikon Lucid Eyes - Machine
Spargel & Shine -Sandalwood Sofa Set for Home & Garden Expo 2013. The Expo has ended, but I you can visit the mainstore .  "...This Sandalwood Sofa Set is a unique design piece not seen anywhere else in SL, composed of beautiful carved and gilded wood and plush velvety cushions. Included is a sofa and coffee table linkset, a sofa without table, and a rug. It comes equipped with a variety of animations along with some new features. This set includes a sofa and coffee table combo with which some animations trigger a rezzed prop. The book pile prop and the tea tray prop both rez on the attached coffee table and have wearable accessories inside - just click on it when it rezzes and accept the item into your inventory. Wearable accessories are also found in the animation menu..."

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