Monday, August 5, 2013

Ducknipple and ...

(click images to see original size)
Ducknipple Mesh: Overdress - Blue (shirt texture change via HUD)
Ducknipple Mesh: Stella gloves -texture change via HUD
Ducknipple Mesh: Mary Jane Pumps (socks are texture change via HUD)
SLC Leggings black (part of an outfit)
Skin -Redgrave -Pale Skin -Sakura- nude
W&Y Hair 20 -store closed
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Paris Green)
Mandala -simple ears
Amacci Hairbase Tattoo - Mocha
Poses -no wow
Sderot Rothschild - Tel Aviv (Ride a bicycle and take a tour or chill in one of the many coffee shops just like you would do in real life)

Tel Aviv - Rothschild Av.

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