Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swallow Skin, Baiastice, Exile ...

Baiastice -Lingerie Corset -black/red -My Attic Event item, 95 L
Skifija Stocking taste of night  2t 60 den withsocks tip toe bare feet v.1.0 -The package includes Tip-Toe Bare Feet and stockings for viewer version 3 and above. Stockings can be taken off to stay bearefoot. There are High quality 9 textures of varying density and pattern included.
Swallow Skin -Jahaira Peach blonde E. 2 -The Seasons Story Event here, 10 make-ups available, each skin is 350 L only for this event. All skins are shown on the last picture in this post.
Mother Goose's -eye2013/acorn -gift at The Seasons Story Event here
Redgrave -Eyelashes -3- Rendezvous
Mandala -simple ears
Hair -Exile -Sugar High Naturals -My Attic Event item, 95 L for color pack
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Photo Prop -W. Winx/Flair-Winx Box -Flowers Theme In My Attic -95 L$ "...This WinxBox is "FIMA (Flowers In My Attic)" a collaboration effort with Sasy Scarborough of Flair for the September 2013 Edition of My Attic @ The Deck..." The box is 81 prims land impact, it has 8 poses multi-sit, 5 color change walls, 5 color change cushions, owner/group controls
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More details :

Swallow Skin-Jahira -all -The Seasons Story Event
Eyes - Farewear

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