Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alouette -new releases

Hi ! This is furniture and buildings post :)
Here are some new releases from Alouette.
Click pictures to see larger size.
Alouette - Weathered Greenhouse -was sold for 75 L yesterday -Lazy Sunday, 200th round. Two versions included -with/without tables 22p/15 p land impact.

Alouette - Biblioteca Chair -The Garden -4 p land impact, 4 fabric textures, 9 single animations

Alouette - The Cordelia House -Not released yet, will be sold at Home Show (starts 1st of April)
The house comes with rezzer, so it is very easy to set it. The house is modifiable and comes with ambient occlusion maps, so the owner can retexture the walls.
There are 6 rooms, 70 p land impact.
(Shadows you see on the picture are SL shadows and not baked into textures themselves).

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