Sunday, July 13, 2014

ND/MD new mesh toddler avatar -Izzi

ND/MD release a new adorable mesh toddler avatar Izzie and some new clothes for mesh toddlers. Izzi has 4 skin tones, each with and without freckles (I am in love with these freckles, so I show freckled versions in this post). Each skin tone provided with special eyes color and opened/closed eyes versions. There are 3 face expressions .
ND/MD Izzi mesh toddler avatar (different height shapes included)
ND/MD Cuties - Kiki shirt and skirt Cream
ND/MD Cuties Clogs red (upper part is color change)

ND/MD Cuties suntop-blue
ND/MD Cuties capri - blue/pink belted
ND/MD Cuties Clog hotpink (upper part is color change)

Hair -Shop Seu -kurukuru twin tail
Izzi, light tone, face expressions

Izzi -4 skin tones

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