Friday, September 26, 2014

Latest releases from Alouette

Here are the latest releases from Alouette (all pics are clickable):
Alouette - Dewey The Robot -The Liaison Collaborative, 7 metal options, 2 LI, C/M/NT

Alouette - Metal Autumn Bench-The Theme Market, 6 blanket options, 2 LI, 11 animations, C/M/NT
Alouette - Worn French Dresser Drawers -The Pier Market -2 LI, C/M/NT
Alouette - Table Clocks (Wood and Fabrics) -Lazy Sunday, 5 wood, 5 fabrics textures, working clock, 2 LI, C/M/NT

Alouette - Halloween Window Silhouettes -The Neighborhood, 1 LI each, 14 different silhouettes, C/M/NT

Alouette - Meghan Clocks - Fabrics and Wood -Fifty Linden Friday (will be available today) - 6 wood and 6 fabric options, working clock, 3 LI, C/M/NT

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