Friday, February 13, 2015

Latest releases from Alouette

Here are the latest releases from Alouette:

1. Alouette - Kids Signs Gacha The Playroom event
   1-2 LI each, no rares

2. Alouette - Worn Wooden Armoire -The House Hunt
   5 LI, touch doors to open/close

3. Alouette - Bird Cage Candle Holder -The Neighborhood (this weekend)
   Can be used with and without the table, 3 LI

4. Alouette - Valentine's Mantel Decor -Fifty Linden Friday
   1 LI each, includes wall option for frame

5. Alouette - Snowy Bird Feeder Stand -Lazy Sunday
   8 wood options, 2 LI

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