Friday, July 8, 2011

Lady in black ...

Платье / AD - Dark Lady -monthly deal 50 l
  The first group  *The Italian Taste*  of good italian designers united, created an event named *Monthly Deal*, every month they will put out some new exclusive creations for only L.50!

Аутфит / Outfit - Chichi of London, Anji, cc0125 The outfit includes 2 skirt options, hat, chocker with auto resizer, top, fishnet, shoes and cigarette holder with smoking   cigarette .
Браслет /  MIEL CHUM bracelet - sub group gift, the bracelet comes with great hud, that allows to change the words made with sculpted letters to your own.

Нижнее белье / !BH~ Vicky Lace Black Lingerie- Group Gift

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