Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PixeldolDolls , Eclectica, perception, Opium and ...

Кожа / Skin - perception ~ summer sun - june group gift
Волосы / Hair - Maitreya Siri - Walnut
Платье / Dress - (PixelDolls) Vigne . Black
Украшения / Jewerely - Eclectica 'Manhattan' -zircon and Eclectica 'Manhattan' -topaz , each includes necklace, earrings and hairpin

Украшения / Addiction Journey Set - includes earrings, single necklace and trio necklace

Топы / +++BB+++ Elena Corset Combined Shirt RED/BLACK
            +++BB+++ Elena Corset Solid Shirt PURPLE - other colors are shown on the picture below
Обувь и ремни / Opium Indian Biker Boots and Belt Black leather
                           Opium Indian Biker Boots and Belt Brown leather
Other colors of this boots and belts set are shown down
Брюки / +grasp+/Leather Pants

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