Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aeros, coldLogic and more... 1

Hi, folks, I prepared many pictures with lovely new products - male avatar Andreas by Aeros Avatars, male mesh clothing by Urban republic, and I countinue posting the new released female clothes by coldLogic and more. As I made so many pictures of all these great stuff i decided to make 2 blog post, one after another. So after you finish looking through this one please expect the second very soon enough.

Andreas avatar by Aeros includes - 3 shapes, 3 skins in 2 variations - smooth and soft oil, 2 eyes, 2 hairbases, 2 eyebrow shapes and 3 beards tattoos)
Aeros Avatar Andreas Eyes-warm amber
Aeros Avatar Andreas -Shape -light
Aeros Avatar Andreas -Skin -cream -FX -soft oil
Aeros Avatar Andreas -Hairbase -short evening
MADesigns Hair -RICCO ~ Dark Brown VIII
URCO-Mesh chk Shirt - blue- rigged mesh
URCO-Mesh-MR2-Jeans-brown- rigged mesh
!Skifija Flat Feet v.1.2 for Man- rigged mesh

Aeros Avatar Andreas -Skin -cream -FX -soft oil
Aeros Avatar Andreas - Eyes -baltic amber
Aeros Avatar Andreas -Beard -goatee -all colors
Alli&Ali Nicolas Hair Mixed Brown
URCO-Mesh chk Shirt - orange
HOC Apparel -  Leather Loafers

JeSyLiLO SIS*7 -Light Skin- Suff in Stock 7 item
ChiChickie! Amanda hairA long, sweet, straight and shiny girl next door style. -Hair Fair item (Prices: - $200L for 4-color pack, - Smart Buy Pack (all 32 colors) - $749) 
Hucci Ramara Top  Stripes - Sub Group Gift
Shorts - coldlogic-breslin
HOC Industries - Shark Socks-rigged mesh, it is only 50 l for group members (group tag need to be worn when buying)

Pulse Eyes/Maple
Skin - -Belleza- Lily V2 Med (cleavage) Group Gift
`DA~ Victoria shape - to be released on marketplace soon
Hair - ChiChickie! Avery- a Unisex style - short, shaggy, and retro. Hair Fair item.
coldLogic top - sagal.tomato
coldLogic skirt - kalili.flamingo

Skin -LAQ ~ Ebba [Peach] (DB) Christmas Gift 2011
Hair - ChiChickie! Jolene - An edgy, razored, angled cut that hugs the jawline and swings softly at the shoulders. Hair Fair item.
Miamai Golden Xmas Bra - old gift
coldLogic shorts -

To be continued ...

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