Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aeros, coldLogic and more... 2

Pulse Eyes/Maple
Skin-LAQ ~ Ebba [Peach] (DB) Christmas Gift 2011
`DA~ Victoria shape - to be released on marketplace soon
Hair - ChiChickie! Delilah - A wild riot of curls, topped off 
by a tiny fedora (texture change) on a headband (optional 
accessory). Hair Fair item.
coldLogic top - tripp.greens
coldLogic shorts - breslin.brown

Hair - ChiChickie! Tanya - An artsy, tousled updo, adorned by 
two twisted color change bands. (Looks great with a hairbase 
(included) but can be worn without too.) Hair Fair item.
coldLogic top - kipp.blanca
coldLogic shorts - breslin.pewter

coldLogic tops - kipp.quantum pack

coldLogic tops - gertz.quantum pack

coldLogic tops - ladd.quantum pack

coldLogic tops - tripp.quantum pack

coldLogic tops - sagal.quantum pack

coldLogic shorts - breslin.quantum pack

coldLogic shorts - levy.quantum pack

coldLogic skirts - kalili.quantum pack

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