Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Redgrave, Le Bistro and ...

Hello :)
I am here with a bunch of new lovely things I got, and I am so happy to be a proud owner of all these things. Skins, shoes, clothes and kitchen appliances with a lot of great food. I will never be hungry in Secondlife again if you have Le Bistro fridge or microwave that I have now XD
Take a look :

Redgrave -Eyes Bella -Desire- (The eues pack for Bella skin bundle has 4 eyes and 2 eyelashes - all for 100 linden only, great, isn't it ?)
Redgrave -Eyelashes -16- Gentle
Redgrave -05   Pale Skin -Bella- /*bronce (The pale skin bundle, that I purchased contains 10 ! skins, teeth tattoo, prim teeth with alpha mask, blusher tattoo, 2 eyebrows tattoos, scalp tatoo, 5 lipsticks tattoos - everything for 990 linden dollars)
Redgrave -Teeth 1
Shape for Redgrave skin 1- I made this shape especially for
this skin, it is not released yet. I made different
variations of it - regular shape, model shape, pregnant and
Alli&Ali Raina Hair Rust- Catch The Bride Treasure Hunt prize
Opium Mesh Dress Puppets Red - new group gift
fore bow tie (red) -old gift
Redgrave- Shoes Linda - 12colors - one more great product I purchased from Redgrave. I just couldn't resist, I felt in love with these shoes, they are made mesh (not rigged) and are high detailed and the textures are awesome. The HUD allows you to match the skin color, change color of shoes parts, change size and sound of walking.

Place -

Redgrave -Eyes Bella -Lost In Forrest
Redgrave -Eyelashes -16- Elemental
JeSyLiLO -Lazy Sunday -LightSkin*18
Alli&Ali Amy Hair Dark Rose - Catch The Bride Treasure Hunt prize
DandelionWine -Mesh Summer Dress S-S Pink

And here are my new fridge and microwave (rubbing hands) from Le Bistro Interactive Cooking store -
Quickie Microwave and Style Your Kitchen Fridge.
The fridge has 66 color options and 23 food options, a little part of the food choices is shown on the picture above.

The microwave is 15 prims, it has 24 food options, clock can be set to your zone and different colors of the clock can be chosen. The door opens and the light turns on. The cooking process is highly interactive . After you click the switch and choose what you want to eat, the cooking begins - the microwaves plate rotates, the frozen dish appears on it, you hear the real microwaving sound, in a moment ice melts and the next step - steaming dish is waiting for you to pick it up. 3 beeps and chat message signal about end of cooking.
The first Bake-Able Cakes in SL video by Le Bistro creator - Amera Pomilio

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