Saturday, August 4, 2012

coldLogic for Vintage Fair, Shine, Redgrave and ...

Redgrave -09   Pale Skin -Bella- /*wedding
Redgrave-Eyes Bella -Lost In Forrest
Redgrave-Eyelashes -16- Elemental
`DA~ Bella shape for Redgrave skin *5 sexy -marketplace only, there 5 shapes in the folder
Magika Hair- Draw - rigged mesh, NEW, comes with great HUD -
multiple hair colors
Nylon Outfiters -Crochet Dress - Cream - rigged mesh, Collabor88 item
Redgrave- Shoes Linda - 12colors
aDIVA Couture Debbie Shorts White
BeautyCode Bra White 1
Attitudes- Cite - Pink flowers panties

And this is my new hot tube, it is so lovely, I couldn't resist not to buy it :)
LISP - Serenity Springs Hot Tub Set -Collabor88 item. It is copiable and modifiable. There are sits for singles, 2 friends or PG cuddles. There is also a fishing animation, and you get a rod by clicking the tub's side. There are 3 animated water textures and different effect, like steam and bubbles. The back wall comes in different versions too - with bulbs, lanterns and empty. Towels and glow Jar aren't linked, so you can move them freely to any place you like.

JeSyLiLO-Scarlett Eyes (Blue)
Skin -SHINE -Rose Natural/UltraPale - Vintage fair item
SHINE - Mesh Button vest/Teal NEW
Plastik-Leggings-ArtsyFartsy - old hunt gift

Skin -SHINE -Rose -Vintage fair, 4 skin tones, 2 teeth tattoos and more
Ultra pale tone - all make-ups are shown

SHINE - Mesh Button vest - all
Here are some adorable coldLogic dresses for Vintage fair (all rigged mesh and each can be purchased in different colors of course):
1.coldLogic dress - montgomery.citrus
2.coldLogic dress -
3.coldLogic dress - christie.cocoa
4.coldLogic dress -
5.coldLogic dress -
6.coldLogic dress - kitt.sea
7.coldLogic dress - partridge.soot

Skin - essences Moira - Rose - Vintage fair item
Lipstick - essences -VF lips 02 -Vintage fair item

Essences -skin Moira, lipcticks nad Twiggy eyeshadows - all for Vintage fair

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