Friday, November 2, 2012

Chronokit , Redgrave , ColdLogic and ...

    Hello there :)
I am ready with some yummies to show you today. I got new skins and shoes from Redgrave, rigged mesh clothes from Chronokit and ColdLogic  and more. Can't say what I love the best, everything is just gorgeous :D
Here are many pictures with styling cards, just sit comfy and scroll down :)
(all images are clickable and has larger copies on flickr site)

Redgrave -Eyes Sakura -Brown - 100 L$
Redgrave -02 Pale Skin -Sakura- / nude - you get the bundle
of 13 great skins only for 990 L$!
MG - Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings - B
Donna Flora -HINDI hair brunette
chronokit -Belt 02 Black
chronokit -Military Sarrouel Pants Khaki
chronokit -Long T Shirts 01 Striped2 red/black
Redgrave - Shoes Cathy - 12colors- special price for this
month on marketplace (289 L$), parts of the shoes can recolored to 12 different colors via HUD

New sim of Secondlife Israel (opened less than a week ago) -

Details :

Redgrave - Pale Skin -Sakura - bundle - 990 L$ !

Alli&Ali Yuki Hair Darkbrown - Free Promo at marketplace only, limited time offer (till the end of November)
Auxiliary-Retro Cocktail Dress  - Small - Rose- Special-new VIP gift
Auxiliary (it is new brand of the stores that become one - Illusory and Aura)  -My oversized Leather Tote -VIP gift
Addiction -Daisies Set -Necklace and Earrings- Ocean Tanzanite - Womenstuff Hunt 2012 prize
Redgrave - Shoes Cathy - 12colors
Location -
Details :

chronokit -Fabre Pants 01 Black
chronokit -Shirts 04 Striped Black
Redgrave - Shoes LILLY - 3colors - NEW, 399 L in mainstore, for limited time,  parts of the shoes can be changed to 3 different colors via HUD
Intrigue Co - Missing Person Mask: Halloween 2012 Gift

AY.LinE -Re-Ginger Cream
coldLogic belt - NEW ( The new release contains 8 new plush sweater dresses in different colors "... to keep you looking hot and feeling warm ..." )
coldLogic dress - saville.crimson NEW
Love Soul -Prim nails*Sexy Animal*Red

Location -

Wasabi Pills -Anais Mesh Hair - Chocolate
coldLogic dress - palmer.brown NEW
Shine by ZD -Mesh Tubescarf - vintage flowers
SG -Viola Stockings Beige (everything in this store is 10 L$)
Slink -Blair Boots Brown


Burley -Reena II Braid
coldLogic dress - harper.contrast NEW
Insolence -Classic Light Grey Nylon Seamed Stockings
Ju Charlie boots


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