Sunday, November 4, 2012

Essences, Kauna, Amacci, MoYaz, DA and ...

Amacci Look Eyes - Fire - free ( with particle sparkles, that worn separetly)
MG - Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings - B
Skin -essences -Heidy - Dressing Room item, come with 3 lipsticks
Hair -SD L*m Setaria rigged Lavender- new Lo*Momo group gift (free to join)
Essences - Papercoats Coal and Moondust - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift
MoYaz -Sonia mesh legging cashmere collection Charcoal NEW
Shoes -Kauna - Brogue: Black - non-rigged mesh, originally come in big size (for men), but these lovely shoes has cool stretch HUD that allows you to stretch the shoes in any dimension, so now I can wear them and enjoy it :)
Top - 1 Hundred Slip On Top Black

Location -
Details :

Amacci Look Eyes - Blue - Big - new release (regular and big iris version included)
tb -Pale C88 Dewy Skin
Hair -AY.LinE Group gift July,2011 Espresso
shine by ZD -Ruffled tube dress blue Roses
JANE - lil piggies socks darling rainbow - old gift
Kauna - Brogues: Tan&White

`DA~ mesh table and chairs (10 animations), cherry wood, 1 prim each object - marketplace ( no copy or copy version)

Kauna - Brogues - all

Construct - Mesh BBQ Grill - one more new purchase of mine, the grill itslef is only 3 prims, it has cooking animation and rezzable food (14 prim) plus a plate (4 prims) that dispenses food and drinks.

This set is group gift in Russian Souvenir, free to join - `DA~ mesh table and chairs (10 animations), copiable.

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