Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple Fall, JesyLilo, Shine by ZD, MoYaz and ...

Apple Fall - Adobe Home - group gift -

JeSyLiLO Exclusive Frost Fair LightSkin 1 -(12.12.2012 300 L$)
`DA~Laluna shape -marketplace
FATEeyes v2.0
MG - Eyelashes - Groomed - Medium - B
Hair -LaViere- Taylor -Collabor88
shine by ZD -Mesh Top & Jumper - creme & browns - Designer Showcase item
PIA -star leggings black
Addiction Mr. Swirl the Snowman Earrings and Necklace
FATEwear - bag with Demo items, sent via subscriber group. The bag is modifiable, so I unpacked it and saved for future use.
MoYaz Amsterdam Mesh boots Zuchini

MoYaz Amsterdam Mesh boots - all New

Hair -Tameless Reese  - New
hoorenbeek -Lucille Boots - Coffee - subscribers group gift (ned to be at least 2 weeks in the group to be able to get this gift)
Skin -JeSyLiLO Gulbuz LightSkin J1
shine by ZD -Sixties Mesh dress With Belt mysterious black
ThirteenTH -Skellington Long Sleeve Tee Teal
JustB -knit tights rust - old hunt gift

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