Sunday, December 9, 2012

More from Xmas Expo ...

Here are some more items from Xmas Expo .
( I give slurls for maintores and the location of those stores at Expo).

Hanaya- Old Fashioned Christmas Tree - Hanaya at Expo

Hanaya- On Frozen Pond Picnic Set

Hanaya- Wintery Driftwood Birdbath

CIRCA - "Cane" Reindeer - Holiday Stance - here

Kismet -Christmas Table Wreath with Candles -gift here

Park Place -Holiday Sled Decoration gift - here

Pondlife -Fireside Lovers PG Rug - Naughty or Nice gift - here
Click the Santa Sack inside the shop for chance to win the rug.

Spyralle Winter Garden Lantern -Gift - here

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