Sunday, December 9, 2012

Strangelings ...

Xmas Expo
Here is an innovative SL avatar that I got in Xmas Expo - Strangelings.
"...Strangelings is a game for iOS and the web. It was created by Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau along with Flying Monkey Interactive, Inc. The game is based on the complex genetics and breeding concepts Candy and Malk developed and used in Ozimals.
This avatar is an incredibly innovative SL product.  It uses a mesh that allows you to color and texture three separate alpha faces, giving you an almost unlimited amount of options – over 23 million unique combinations are possible with the base avatar alone!  We’ve included a complete AO with animations and a color/pattern customization HUD. A Petite rider system is also available, and included in the Ultimate Pack."
There are several Stregelings products available for purchase on Expo -

1.    Starter Female Pack
2.    Starter Male Pack
3.    Hind Legs Pack - Female
4.    Hind Legs Pack - Male
5.    Crowns Pack
6.    Spines Pack
7.    Tails Pack
8.    Petite Rider
9.    In-Game Content Redemption Crystal

Ultimate pack includes everything and can be purchased with 50 % discount, all money will be donated for Relay for Life.

Strangelings avatar and HUD

Some random views, very easy and fast to change colors via HUD

A tail from starter pack and 6 more from tails pack .

Spine attachments.
Feet from starter pack and 6 more from hind legs pack.

Crown attachments.

Strangelings at Xmas Expo -

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