Monday, October 13, 2014

Alouette latest releases

Here are the latest releases from Alouette:
Alouette - Medieval Banners -3 styles -Mystic Realms Fair, each only 1 p, it icludes ambient oclusion map and it is modifiable. C/M/NT
Alouette - Chevron Chair (in the middle) -Candy Fair, 2 li, 9 animations, 9 textures C/M/NT
Alouette - Candy Fabric Stool -Candy Fair, 1 li, 7 animations, 10 fabrics C/M/NT

Alouette - Haunted Playhouse- Flea market -built for toddledoes avatars, but can be resized - 5 li C/M/NT

Alouette - Edgar Allan Poe Fireplace Set-Pier market, each piece can be used separately, 7 li C/M/NT

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