Saturday, October 11, 2014

Potcha, Bushu, ND/MD

Potcha -Knit Vest Onepiece -The Chapter Four event
Shoes -Bushu -Liscio Chestnut -Add-on for Slink High Feet, My Attic event (all colors are shown further)
Slink Hands, Feet, Visage Emma head
Skin -ND/MD Leda Skin-pale smooth Dimples , smooth or dimples skins, Slink Visage head appliers were also released (3 tones, each HUD has different lipstick/blush/dimples options -some of them are shown further)
Ikon -Promise Eyes - Fjord
Hair - Wasabi Pills -Shiki
Photo Location

Skin -ND/MD Leda Skin with applier for Slink Visage head - 3 tones

Skin -ND/MD Leda Skin applier -some make-up examples

Shoes -Bushu -Liscio  -Add-on for Slink High Feet, My Attic event

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