Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Uhm, I think may be I am back.

Hey, I am not decided yet if I am back or not) Ok, we'll see. For now I feel like wearing more moderate or modest clothing and stuff is my mood for now.  Blog name changed  from "My Journey To SL, Being Donna" to Donna's SL Experience.

Here is what my avatar is wearing :
fri. - Darcy.Flats Oatmeal
ieQED flamingo.clutch.copper.left
ISON - pleated midi skirt eggshell
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat
Slink Hands - Dynamic
Slink Physique Mesh Body
Decoy -Olivia Blouse - Peach
Skin -Essences Aries 03 light rose
Birth -Shiva Eyes - Brown
Pose - possesion paris 7
Sim on this photo

  I know that all this nice clothing is not the brand new in Second Life fashion industry, but I just decided that I am not going to rush and purchase new stuff when I do have a huge quantity of not worn and even not unboxed goodies. My inventory still satisfies me and I had a pleasure to mix and match this outfit (and it took a lot of time xd because I was absent in sl for a lot of time and needed to clean and revise that wardrobe, and it not done 100% yet).
  Slurls for the shops are not attached, I hope most of those shops remain on their places, I know Slink is. I went there to grab updates for mesh body parts. I see that it may be a nice experience to make some vacation to rl and coming back to SL and seeing new stuff being added to this virtual world , like Bento project and Experiences. The second thing is still not too clear for me and I hope to fix it soon.
Have a nice rl and sl time you all !

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