Saturday, July 1, 2017

Afternoon walk after cleaning up inventory

Hi there
I was cleaning my inventory again, over 20000 were cleaned up ( it still needs more cleaning) and it made me really tired but kinda satisfied. I decided to take a walk. I put on some simple and comfy clothes, no make-up, heels or tight stuff and ready to go.
While I was walking I thought that while I had a ton of clothing and accessories what is interesting is that I didn't find many of nice knee length or longer skirts o dresses. I decided to look what marketplace offers and was surprised by what was found, there is not so much casual moderate/modest clothes there, but thousands (may be millions xd) of mini skirts and all sorts of sexy/seductive stuff.  I wish I was wrong and just didn't find what I wanted. If so, you can comment this post and please share your thoughts and links to that kind of clothes.

COCO -Gift TeeDress (group gift)
Fishy Strawberry -Frankfurt Pencil Skirt- Black
Jersey Shoes 10 Colors by kokoia
Bukka -Constellation Watch red (I think this store is already closed. but I still have some stuff from there that I like)
Bukka -Sunglasses surf -brown & black
Rosy mood Mesh hair -Soothe chocolate -gift
Slink Hands - Dynamic
Slink Physique Mesh Body Original
LAQ -Camille Essential skin -group gift
socialANGtz -Afternoon pose 5
New picture I made for my sl web profile:
I used the

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